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london glass.PNG
The London Glass Bottle Worker's Trade Society contribution card that Zdzisław received when the couple moved to the United Kingdom.

irish nat doc.jpg
Documentation pertaining to the Naturalisation process in Ireland for the Lapot couple.

inside of pay book Grandad discharged.PNG

service book inside.PNG
Instructions to the Soldier as stated in the Soldier's Service and Pay Book.

service book cover.PNG
Soldier's Service book detailing Particulars of Training, Records of Specialist Employment, Medical and Vaccination details, and Discharge information.

Jest Noc Journal 4.PNG

Moya Journal 3.PNG

Tango Journal 2.PNG

Oczy Journal 1.PNG
Antonina kept a journal of poetry, clippings and images spanning many years, starting shortly after she first arrived in Ireland.

alien docs.jpg
Detail from the interior of the Alien Documentation book belonging to Zdzislaw.
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