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MADAH UCC Dissertation of Nina Lapot 117110040.pdf
The examination of a digital lieu de mémoire as a positive conduit for the concepts and expressions of memory.
A case study of a personal narrative.

L-R, Antonina, baby Jurek and Bożena Delimata. Bożena was the niece of James Joyce, and married to a Polish jeweller. Antonina met Bożena in Bray and a close friendship ensued, Bożena being eventually chosen as Jurek's godmother. Although Bożena and…

Far left, Zdzisław and Antonina

Egypt 43 hii.PNG
Antonina may be seen on the far left of this photo.

To the far right, Antonina, is standing by the tribute to the Australian and New Zealand service personnel of WW1 in Port Said. The memorial was later destroyed during the 1956 Suez riots. A replacement monument now stands in Albany, Australia.…

Zdzislaw i family.PNG
Zdzisław (as a baby, in white, to the right) with his two brothers and sister in Warsaw.

GranHosp 46.PNG
Antonina spent time in hospital in 1946, for reasons unknown.

roma 44.PNG
Antonina and Zdzisław

twin ladies.PNG
Personnel in this photo are suspected to be of Zdzislaw's side of the family, as there is a history of twins running on this side of the family.
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