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Port Said
After several months spent in Port Said, February 1944 saw the Polish II Corps being transferred by sea to Taranto, Italy.

Eqypt 1943
The Polish II Corps were transferred from Palestine to Egypt in late 1943.

Zdzisław, pre-World War Two
Zdzisław, Lwow, circa 1937

Wedding of Antonina and Zdzisław
The couple married the day after Christmas, 1938, with the threat of world war looming ominously.

Khanaqin, Iraq, 1943
Handwritten in Antonina's script on the reverse of the photo:(trans from Polish)

Irak, Kanakin

Look at my scoundrels!

Stefa, Jadzia, Tosia

(Tosia was a pet name many referred to Antonina by).

Antonina Lapot
Roma, Itali, 1945, May

is inscribed on the reverse of the photo in Antonina's script,

Family Photo
A photo of Zdzisław, Jurek and Antonina by the sea in Bray. They made dear friends in Bray that they kept contact with throughout the years after moving from the area.

First Communion
Antonina pictured with the mother on her First Communion

Zdzisław Lapot
A young portrait of Zdzisław, pre-war Lwow.

Antonina and friend
Strolling the streets of pre-war Lwow
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